Over 1 million people have fled Ukraine seeking safety over the past week. For many of us, our lives paused the moment Ukraine was invaded by Putin. While we need to keep protesting, donating and fighting to help our country, we also need to make sure that people who have fled are able to earn a living in order to support their families, even if temporarily. Of course, people have been fleeing wars across the world for decades if not centuries. But as Ukrainian creators who have been personally affected by the war, we will be targeting people who have fled war in Ukraine for this platform, whether they are Ukrainian or not. All others fleeing wars from elsewhere are welcome to use it too. This website collates academic, scientific, professional and freelance opportunities that are currently available to people.

Job Seekers

The list of jobs on this site has been created from publicly available job postings.

This jobs list is for Ukrainians and others who have been displaced or have lost their jobs because of Russia’s war of aggression in Ukraine. If you are a jobseeker who’s job hasn’t been affected by war, please consider using a different site.

Some of the jobs listed offer relocation support (such as visa sponsorship, initial accommodation, flights, up front bonuses) and others do not. Other openings are remote or freelance.

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JobsforUkraine.net is an open jobs site where any open job can be added. It is run by a group of volunteers to collate open jobs and give people fleeing war an easy place to search for potential jobs. Jobs are created and submitted by third parties. Whilst we run cursory checks on roles that are being uploaded to the website, we do not verify any jobs added or uploaded to our site. We don't have any control over the content of the jobs or any conditions third parties might impose once a job application has been submitted. Please take care to ensure the jobs you are searching and applying for are legitimate and safe. If you have any questions about the role, please reach out directly to the organisation advertising the role. JobsforUkraine.net is not an employer and does not represent, advocate for, or take any financial contribution from any businesses, organisation, or employer listed on our website, nor do we stand to make any other gain from the roles listed on this site.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact [email protected] and our team will get back to you.